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GhostSurf Pro offers anonymous web browsing, blocks Internet tracking devices and advertisements, plus it eliminates potentially sensitive information from your computer. Side note: a Cookie is a record of information which stores information about you when visiting a web site. Avanquest USA - GhostSurf Pro GhostSurf uses a secure delete system that makes its erasing permanent. Even computer experts and advanced tools cannot recover your tracks. GhostSurfs built-in cleaning scheduler will automatically clean your computer whenever you want. Blocks Pop-ups & Banner Ads GhostSurf automatically blocks all types of ads, including pop-ups and banners. Ghost Tree Surf Report & 17-Day Surf Forecast - Surfline

Ghosts are spirit beings that were once physical living beings. They remain somehow attached to the physical world after their original forms have passed away. In the comic books, ghosts resemble vaguely humanoid figures made of sheets, while in the cartoon show they have a much more human appearance except when the ghost is of a character that wasn't originally human or became skeletal in

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