I'm looking for the fastest and easiest way to proxy a page in PHP. I don't want the user to be redirected, I just want my script to return the same content, response code and headers as another remote URL.

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proxy (n.) early 15c., proccy, prokecye, "agency of one who acts instead of another; letter of power of attorney," contraction of Anglo-French procuracie (c. 1300), from Medieval Latin procuratia "administration," from Latin procuratio "a caring for, management," from procurare "manage" (see procure). But, finding working FMovies proxy sites/mirrors is not that easy. Fortunately, FMovies staff and volunteers are running a handful of FMovies proxy & Mirrors to provide free FMovies Access for everyone. These FMovies Proxy & Mirror sites contain same data as of original fmovie.to. The only difference is that they operate with a different domain composer create-project athlon1600/php-proxy-app:dev-master /var/www/ If you do not have composer or trying to host this application on either a shared hosting , or a VPS hosting with limited permissions (dreamhost.com), then download a pre-installed version of this app as a ZIP archive from www.php-proxy.com .

It is possible to proxy requests to an HTTP server (another NGINX server or any other server) or a non-HTTP server (which can run an application developed with a specific framework, such as PHP or Python) using a specified protocol. Supported protocols include FastCGI, uwsgi, SCGI, and memcached.

Here is a simple script to use a proxy in PHP with CURL. This is an example if you are using IP authentication with the proxies: [crayon