Event ID 1035 Windows Installer reconfigured the product. By Aaron Windows 0 Comments. I noticed that there were tons of events showing up in the Application logs for Event ID 1035. What does this mean, after a little bit of research I found that the WMI filter string was triggering Windows Installer to self repair about every 5 minutes on some

c# - Get installed applications in a system - Stack Overflow I agree that enumerating through the registry key is the best way. Note, however, that the key given, @"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall", will list all applications in a 32-bit Windows installation, and 64-bit applications in a Windows 64-bit installation.. In order to also see 32-bit applications installed on a Windows 64-bit installation, you would also need to Topic: Many reports of errors when trying to install the Jul 17, 2020

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Error: "Please wait while Windows configures AutoCAD Every time when launching AutoCAD or verticals message comes up: AutoCAD Raster Design 20XX Please wait while Windows configures AutoCAD Raster Design 20xx Raster Design can't find the base support folders in user path which in general is created by start the base product the first time. Launch the base product AutoCAD or vertical to create the user support folders. Launch Raster Design by HP PCs - HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI) Version

"Windows Installer reconfigured the product" On my new Inspiron, under the Maintenance/view reliability history I keep getting ""Windows Installer reconfigured the product" messages for each application and it keeps happening/repeating over and over. Any suggestion/help what is …

Infrastructure agent causing MsiInstaller to spam event We have Infrastructure Agent 1.0.292 installed on a 2008 R2 server and it seems to be causing MsiInstaller to spam the Application log for just about every windows process, continuously until the service is stopped. Below is an example of the information message we see Log Name: Application Source: MsiInstaller Date: 2/6/2017 11:56:29 AM Event ID: 1035 Task Category: None Level: … Another version of this product is already installed