Verify that the latest version of VMware Tools is installed in the guest operating system. Verify that permission settings on the host system allow access to files in the shared folders. For example, if you are running Workstation Pro as a user named User, the virtual machine can read and write files in the shared folder only if User has • View topic - Can VirtualBox and VMWare co Jul 09, 2009 VirtualBox vs. VMWare vs. Hyper-V: What’s the Best Virtual Jan 23, 2020 A Complete Comparison of VMware and VirtualBox • View topic - VirtualBox and VMware

While VM's do in fact run under VirtualBox with Hyper-V installed, you get the green turtle icon in virtualbox and the VM's run terrible. For this reason, I am just skipping WSL2 and running my Linux nodes under Virtualbox. While I've used VMWare Workstation in the past, I don't want to pay the licensing fee, so I use Virtualbox instead. How to convert a virtual machine on VirtualBox to use with So I will talk about, how you can convert a virtual machine to ‘ Open Virtual Appliance ’ or OVA format on both VMware Workstation Pro and Oracle VirtualBox, and then, proceed with how you can convert or import the same to the format that is natively supported by VMware Workstation Pro, and Oracle VirtualBox.

Enable a Shared Folder for a Virtual Machine - VMware

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