[ScreenOS] How to troubleshoot a VPN tunnel that is going

Jan 29, 2020 IPsec Site-to-Site VPN Juniper ScreenOS Cisco Router Similar to all my other site-to-site VPN articles, here are the configurations for a VPN tunnel between a Juniper ScreenOS SSG firewall and a Cisco IOS router. Due to the VPN Monitor of the SSG firewall, the tunnel is established directly after the configuration and … Tutorial IPSec Site to Site VPN between Juniper Netscreen Apr 28, 2013 IPsec Site-to-Site VPN FortiGate Juniper SSG | Weberblog.net

Re: MX68 Site to Site VPN - Juniper SSG Series - Drops So I came in to the office this morning and surprise surprise one of the VPNs was down. I decided to take the plunge and disabled NAT-T on the Juniper firewalls and the VPN immediately came up.

This has become a critical problem to the point that we had to replace the Cisco ASA with a temporary Juniper SSG5 on a different subnet ( to get the tunnel up and traffic through till the ASA VPN issue is solved and I do not need to say that the client is killing us! Setting a routing entry with Juniper SSG 5 - LAN to LAN VPN Both sites use a Juniper SSG5 firewall. Thanks in advance for any help! , Action = TUNNEL, Tunnel = "Florida VPN", check the box for "matching bidirectional policy". That should create a TRUST TO UNTRUST and an UNTRUST TO TRUST policy on the Michigan SSG5 to tunnel. You will want to create the same thing on the Florida side, this time with

SSG 5: The SSG 5 is a fixed form factor platform that delivers 160 Mbps of Stateful firewall traffic and 40 Mbps of IPSec VPN throughput. The SSG 5 Series is equipped with seven on-board 10/100 interfaces with optional fixed WAN ports (ISDN BRI S/T, V.92 or RS-232 Serial/Aux). Optional

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