Your Playstation 3 has the ability to connect to your home network through a standard Ethernet connection or through WiFI. Make your Playstation 3 a part of your home media network with the help

Jul 24, 2012 · How to connect mobile wi-fi internet on your ps3 - Duration: 2:53. Dahood Sham 99,216 views. How to Set Up Your WiFi or Internet Connection for your PS3 Jan 15, 2018 · I haven't used my PS3 for a couple years, and just tried to set up wifi. I also set up a PS4, and process was easier and worked - just get a list of wifi signals, pick one, and it then connected to it. The PS3 wasn't as easy. It wanted more information about the network I don't have handy, starting with a type I don't know the answer to. Mar 27, 2020 · Purchase a wireless router. Routers come in all shapes and sizes. Compare features to find the router that is right for you. If you have more area that you need to cover, or have lots of walls in your home, you’ll need a router that offers the option of upgrading antenna(s) with high gain types - if not supplied in the box. Dec 28, 2009 · How to Set Up Your WiFi or Internet Connection for your PS3 - Duration: How to connect your PlayStation 3 to your wifi - Duration: 3:00. TeccaTV 393,470 views.

The PS3™ system waits for your system to establish the remote play connection. 3. On your system, select [Connect via Private Network]. When the devices connect successfully, the PS3™ system's screen appears on your system. If the Wi-Fi Settings screen appears, select the access point that is connected to the PS3™system.

Press the up and down arrow buttons to change the controller number. Press the X button to save the controller number. Press the O button to exit this screen. To use a wireless controller, the user must first register or “pair” the controller with the PS3™ system and assign a number to the controller.

The guide is updated as new system software is released and can be used for PlayStation®3 systems with current system software. Instruction Manual. A downloadable guide (PDF) with PlayStation®3 system safety and troubleshooting information, specifications, and information on setting up the system, preparing for use and basic hardware operations.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is a gaming console that can be used to play multi-player games online; download music and movies; and have online chats and conferences. When combined, the two make a powerful media and gaming presence. Connecting your PS3 to FiOS is a simple process: you can be up and running online in less than five minutes. Scroll up and down until you find "Wireless Headset" and press the X button. The [Output Device] will automatically change to match the selected [Input Device]. This setting will allow you to hear other players' voice chat message on the Bluetooth headset. How To Hook Up a PS3 To Wireless Internet. To connect a PS3 to the Internet, one requires a good wireless router, which is the main source of a connection, and will act as the access point. After setting the access point, the PS3 should be switched on. Jun 13, 2017 · This article assumes your wireless network is configured and functioning correctly. To connect PlayStation 3 to your wireless home network: Turn your PlayStation 3 on. You will need a controller to navigate through the PS3 menus. From the PS3 Home menu, select Settings > Network Settings and press the "X" button on your controller.