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Are the proposed new anti-terrorism laws constitutional To protect the people of Australia our political leaders are looking to expand anti-terrorism laws. Earlier this week, the Federal Government announced that they will be seeking to implement uniform detention laws around the country that would see suspects of terrorism crimes being held in detention without charge for up to 14 days. The Prime Minister has stated that the new laws will be Counter terrorism | DFAT Terrorism is a global challenge, and we work closely with our international partners in the region and beyond. Underpinning Australia's fight against terrorism is Australia's Counter-Terrorism Strategy , which is based on partnerships between all levels of government, communities and the private sector. France approves tough new anti-terror laws - BBC News Oct 04, 2017

Australia May Well Be the World’s Most Secretive Democracy

this year the Sheller inquiry into Australia’s counter-terrorism laws considered – and rejected – proposals by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to amend the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) ‘to specifically allow the admissibility of evidence in circumstances where the AFP have not complied with Part 1C overseas but have done all that Current Legal Issues - Law / Legal Studies - CGGS Library


At the time, there were no specific anti-terrorism laws at the federal level in Australia. This was undoubtedly a significant oversight which needed to be remedied. Even today, more than 18 years on and with over 80 laws in place, it’s somewhat understandable lawmakers react to terrorist attacks by seeking to take swift action. Australia brings in new terror laws Australia will strengthen immigration laws and crack down on groups that incite hatred under a raft of counter-terrorism measures introduced today. The measures are a bid to combat the threat from Australia and terrorism - Pushing the limits | Banyan