How to Unblock Facebook Account that are Blocked/Disabled

One of my family members is unable to log into their account due it being blocked. If they try to appeal against the block via ID and their e-mail they are unable to see if they get a reply because they have no access to the e-mail address the account is registered to. How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On Facebook. Find Old Content: We have researched this live in our Facebook test account as you will notice in the video shown below(to be added soon). Once you finished reading this article, you will be easily able to know how to view blocked Facebook profile. How to fix Your Facebook Account Temporarily Locked 2018 Sep 14, 2018

Hacked Facebook Account: Immediate Recovery Steps

Aug 11, 2019

What do I do to recover my locked Facebook account? - Quora

10 Tips to Avoid Facebook Jail or Being Blocked by Facebook.. Facebook Jail is when Facebook punish an account (profile or business page) -it could be that it blocks some features or disable the full account-because it breaks Facebook laws (post inappropriate content, post too fast, give too many likes, etc.). How to Use Facebook Trusted Contacts to Gain Access to Jun 04, 2013 How to Access Facebook in China | Updated for 2020